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Keep you feet warm during cold weather!

If you’ve spent any time outdoors during the winter then you’ve probably heard of heated insoles.  If you haven’t, then you’re definitely missing out!  There are many different types of heated insoles out there which can be put into your shoes or boots and use either batteries or chemicals to keep warm throughout the day.  Many of these insoles can last in extremely cold weather for bursts of up to six or even eight hours at a time.

There are many different types of heated insoles that consumers can choose from and they vary greatly in both design and functionality.  Some companies, like the Rocky Boot Company, create heated insoles which are specifically based on the boots and boot sizes they manufacture.  Many heated insole providers focus on the temporary versions which are meant for one outing at a time or maybe only two or three.  On the other hand, there are also some companies that have worked tirelessly to create heated insoles that last use after use, which is definitely more convenient than having to switch out with new insoles every day.

What are heated insoles?

Heated insoles have flat batteries that are rechargeable. These batteries are built right into your soles. Heated insoles are not bulky or uncomfortable. There is no need to plug in your heating insoles to bulky chargers or excessive cables. All you need to do is plug in your heated insoles for a few hours and you will enjoy warm feet the rest of the day. Heated insoles are used in all kinds of weather and they can also be recharged on your car’s 12 Volt electrical system.

Heated insoles have a mechanism that allows your feet to enjoy a comfortable temperature that is not too hot or too cold. One of the most amazing functions of heated insoles is that they come with an anti bacterial fleece lining that is comfortable to the feet, while reducing foul odors. Alloy fiber wires allow the heated insoles to provide an all around warmth to the whole surface area of the foot, warming up the toes first and then the whole foot.

Some heated insoles are also great for boots. These insoles are cut to length and are covered in leather. This allows the feet to breath and prevents foul odors and also prevents athlete’s foot. Heated insoles provide support to the feet and ankles when walking, preventing shock from going up to the shoulders.

There are some other kinds of heated insoles. These heated insoles are perfect for bikers. When people ride on motorcycles they are exposed to the cold and when going at high velocities the cold can be felt more severely. That is why heated insoles are ideal for bikers. Heated insoles that are hybrid deliver warmth to the entire area of the foot by self regulating the temperature.

Most heated insoles run on built in batteries that can be recharged time and time again. The batteries are plugged in at night and when it’s time to wake up your battery should be fully charged and ready to power your heated insoles for up to eight hours. Heated insoles come with a chip that can read the temperature and can regulate the heat coming from the insole. So if at any time the temperature goes above of the appropriate range, the heated insole will turn itself off. If the temperature drops below the right range, the insole turns on and begins heating again.

As soon as the insole turns on, it begins working right away. You can feel your toes warming immediately and then the warm begins to spread over the rest of your foot. The lithium batteries used for heated insoles can be recharged and used up to 500 times without showing any sign of wear. After about 500 times of use you may notice that the insoles don’t heat as fast or as well as they use too. You can replace the batteries in some styles of heated insoles. Others you cannot and simply have to buy new ones when the batteries stop working. Be sure to check the package for this when purchasing you insoles.

Some people are paranoid about the batteries exploding or short circuiting and shocking them. Heated insoles are made with state of the art technology that ensures the safety of the user. When buying a heated insole, look at the package and read the warranty. Many heated insoles have a guarantee for not only quality but safety also. These insoles have been tested and check for quality and safety.

What heated insoles is currently the best?

Answer: #1 Choice: Verseo Thermosoles

Verseo Heated Insoles
At first glance you might ask why you would want to spend around $130-$190 for heated insoles when many others are sold at $30, but this is a case where these are a great deal and there’s a reason they’re pretty much the unanimous top choice.  Unlike most other brands, Verseo Thermosoles heated insoles are rechargeable insoles that can be recharged at the end of the day and can be used up to a whopping 500 times.  They can be recharged from the wall and each charge works between 6 to 8 hours depending on just how cold it is outside.

The Verseo Thermosoles are definitely top of the line.  They can be customized to fit your feet correctly, the batteries are touted as being environmentally friendly, and eight hours a charge for a rechargeable battery is excellent.  Perhaps what sets them them even more apart from others is that you can control the temperature range.  If the normal 98.6 degrees is a little warm for you, you can set it somewhere else.  The temperature range varies from 78.8 to 98.6 degrees so you can find the perfect range for top comfort.  Add in the 500 re-charges of 6-8 hours each and these absolutely kill the competition.

If you want the absolute best value for your money and the best heated insoles available, then you will want to buy the Verseo Thermosoles.

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